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Our own cooperated company clear customs, and will deliver with Truck to door.
99.9% success rate of clearance(In Chinese culture, we don’t want say one thing “too full”, so we can 99.9% success rate)

First of all, we declare the principle below, please pay attention:
1.About us
Each words are real, each pictures was taken with the real product. Buyers do not have to confirm again. No lie in our business communication!
We are pursuing the best chemical technology and insist the quality no matter how fierce competition.
Don’t trust the unreasonable price, please compare the price in the same level quality!
We are a chemical researching agency & factory and manufacturer. We make a living on Chemistry, we don’t do anything shame on Chemistry! We Don’t sale illegal chemicals!
We provide P-M-K Oil and P-M-K Powder, P-M-K Ethyl Glycate, CAS No.: 28578-16-7
We have absolutely advantages on: High Purity, Professional Shipping, Technology Guide & Equipment. If you are an individual buyer, if you don’t know anything on Chemistry, please follow the guide of our us, then you will be benefit from my words (This is the original words from me, Sales manager of ACHIEVE CHEM-TECH, Alex vivi)
For the content below: Each pictures were taken from the real product and by our staff, Each words were created by our staff, No fake, No lie, need not to confirm again! Our product, If it is fake, ten times compensation!
Details below:
1.High Quality
To evaluate the value of a chemical, it is two steps:
For example: If Our purity is HPLC>99.0%, $150/kg, it is equal to, you buy 1kg “powder” the effect substance content is more than 990g. And the analysis result must be from the professional instrument.
As it was mentioned above, if our product is HPLC>99.0%, $150/kg.
Someone buy 1kg from us, diluted or mixed with it, then they get 2kg weight pure white powder. Their price is $100/kg. Who is cheap?
We have professional technology team and QC(Quality control) Department, Our price is based on the appropriate price, we won’t do unqualified product to shame ourselves!
If someone are insist on to sell a $200 value product for you in $100 (or other unreasonable price), how can we stop this behavior? Only can say, if you are cheated this time, next time, please don’t forget our company and sincerely words!

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